The Latest News: My new novel is entitled The Battle of Inchcolm Abbey. I guess it could be called historical fiction. It features Davis Lane, freelance theologian, and is set on Inchcolm in the Firth of Forth. Inchcolm Abbey is the best preserved medieval monastery in Scotland, and it’s around this site that Alexander Morton, American property tycoon, wants to construct the world’s holiest golf course. He’s going to restore the abbey, of course, but also add a hotel and casino. Davis Lane, summoned to become the theological expert on the abbey, becomes embroiled in the battle over Morton’s plans. He uncovers some intriguing legends about the abbey, most them true, but his life is also threatened. This is a novel that will grip you and also challenge your theology.

The Battle of Inchcoln Abbey has just been published by iUniverse in February 2012 as a paperback and ebook. It will be available from, and from

For the first six months from the date of publication one-half of all royalties from sales will be donated equally to two of the charities I feel are important:Goats for Life and Wateraid.Goats for Life was started in 2007 by Betsy and David Kain as a response to the genocide on Rwanda. Working with local partners, goats and cows are purchased as gifts for the people. The animals and their products may then be used to help families become self-sufficient. Visit the website for more information. Wateraid works in Africa, Asia and the Pacific to provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education for people. The charity also works with local partners to provide the simple technology which can be maintained by the community. Again, the aim is self-sufficiency.  See for details.